Reliable Partnes

Vextrom offers you:

  • High quality products designed to fit every need
  • Integrated solutions and service
  • Operational Excellence
  • Experience
  • Commitment
  • Long term agreements

Reliability is an attitude that concerns the future and consists in obtaining peace and security. When reliability is quantitatively defined, it becomes a competence parameter. Consequently at Vextrom we strive to build strategic alliances and strengthen lasting relationships over time with suppliers, Development Fomenting Agencies and especially with our customers.

Throughout years of experience, Vextrom has specialized in various industries through a multi-functional approach that includes R&D, marketing, sales, supply chain, post sale support, and finance. We continuously seek to improve all internal processes in order to reduce costs, improve the customer and supplier service as well as credit and collection management, delivery times and post-sale services.

Operational excellence is part of Vextrom’s corporate philosophy; it seeks to reach our commercial objectives with responsibility and commitment to solidarity values in the development of society regarding health, safety, environment and reliability involving each of our procedures going beyond fulfillment of established standards at the minimum detail.