Nuestros Valores

Our conduct by doing business and interacting with the society is based on the highest ethical standards and ruled by the following values:

Integrity - Doing the right thing, being honest, responsible and consistent with what we promise, say and do is the first principle guiding our conduct.

Commitment - We do not believe in transactions but in relationships which are based on the commitment:

  • With our customers, to deliver the best product and the most efficient solutions.
  • With our employees, to contribute to their personal and professional development
  • With our suppliers, to become their best commercial partners.
  • With our investors, to be their smartest investment option and this goes beyond profitability.

Excellence - Doing it right is not enough. We always give the best of ourselves and strive to do it every time better in order to achieve excellence in all what we do and thus surpass our customers’ expectations.

Feedback - We aim to improve every day and that our customers, suppliers and employees do it with us. For this reason, positive feedback has become our main tool.

Diversity - We are convinced that the essence that feeds our innovation and continuous improvement comes from the constant interaction of people with different backgrounds. This is why we respect and promote the diversity of cultures, races, ideas, experiences, etc. in our organization.